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Aggregate reports status as "failed,out-of-date" after  MetroCluster IP forced switchover

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Applies to

  • MetroCluster IP (MCC IP)
  • ONTAP 9


  • MCC_A-02 has failed and needs the MB to be replaced. Only MCC_A-01 is online and has taken over the MCC_A-02
  • MetroCluster forced switchover is performed with the command metrocluster switchover -forced-on-disaster true -override-vetoes true
  • Node MCC_A-01 shut down triggered  by MCC_B  because of forced switchover operation
  • After the switchover completed, the data aggregates of cluster MCC_A report status as "failed, raid_dp, out-of-date" 
  • The plex0 shows the status as "offline, failed, inactive"
  • The plex1 shows the status as "offline, normal, out-of-date"
For example:
MCC_B-01> aggr status -r MCC_A-01_aggr1
Aggregate MCC_A-01_aggr1 (failed, raid_dp, out-of-date) (block checksums)
Plex /MCC_A-01_aggr1/plex0 (offline, failed, inactive)
Plex /MCC_A-01_aggr1/plex1 (offline, normal, out-of-date)
RAID group /MCC_A-01_aggr1/plex1/rg0 (normal, block checksums)
RAID Disk Device HA  SHELF BAY CHAN Pool Type  RPM  Used (MB/blks)    Phys (MB/blks)
 --------- ------ ------------- ---- ---- ---- ----- --------------    --------------
dparity 0a.11.1P2 0a    11  1   SA:A   1   SSD   N/A 1757716/3599803904 1757724/3599820288 
parity  0a.11.2P2 0a    11  2   SA:A   1   SSD   N/A 1757716/3599803904 1757724/3599820288 
data    0a.11.3P2 0a    11  3   SA:A   1   SSD   N/A 1757716/3599803904 1757724/3599820288 
data    0a.11.4P2 0a    11  4   SA:A   1   SSD   N/A 1757716/3599803904 1757724/3599820288 
data    0a.11.5P2 0a    11  5   SA:A   1   SSD   N/A 1757716/3599803904 1757724/3599820288 
data    0a.11.6P2 0a    11  6   SA:A   1   SSD   N/A 1757716/3599803904 1757724/3599820288 
data    0a.11.8P2 0a    11  8   SA:A   1   SSD   N/A 1757716/3599803904 1757724/3599820288 
data    0a.11.9P2 0a    11  9   SA:A   1   SSD   N/A 1757716/3599803904 1757724/3599820288 
data    0a.11.10P2 0a   11  10  SA:A   1   SSD   N/A 1757716/3599803904 1757724/3599820288 
data    0a.11.11P2 0a   11  11  SA:A   1   SSD   N/A 1757716/3599803904 1757724/3599820288 
data    0a.11.0P2 0a    11  0   SA:A   1   SSD   N/A 1757716/3599803904 1757724/3599820288 

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