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ATTO bridge missing from one path due to poor or no link on the switch port

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • FAS/AFF Systems
  • Fabric Attached MetroCluster


  • The path to one of the ATTO bridges is missing from all the nodes through the adapter that is called out in the event logs:

[Node-102: isp2400_timeout_0: fci.device.quiesce:debug]: Adapter 1d encountered a command timeout on Unknown device Switch1:10.126 (0x00080a00) LUN 0 cdb 0x12 retry: 0 Quiescing the device.
[Node-102: isp2400_asyncd_0: fci.device.login.status:debug]: A login delay has occurred between Fibre Channel adapter 1d and unknown device Switch1:10.126 (0x00080a00), with error subcode 0x703.
[Node-101: isp2400_timeout_0: fci.device.login.failure:error]: A login failure has occurred between Fibre Channel adapter 1d and unknown device Switch1:10.126 (0x00080a00), with error subcode 0x703.
[Node-101: svc_queue_thread: callhome.dsk.redun.fault:error]: Call home for DISK REDUNDANCY FAILED

  • All the nodes transition from “Quad-Path HA” to “Multi-Path HA” configuration:

[Node-101: dsa_disc: shelf.config.tompha:info]: System has transitioned to multi-path HA attached storage

  • Multiple errors are reported on the FC port of the affected ATTO bridge:

get FCPortErrors all

; Fibre Channel Error Counts 
; Port | Link Failures | Sync Loss | Signal Loss | Invalid Tx | Invalid CRC
   1                 1           3             0            0             0
   2              1957   922594816             0          216         14382

  • Errors are also seen on the switch port that is connected to the missing ATTO bridge:

porterrshow        :
          frames      enc    crc    crc    too    too    bad    enc   disc   link   loss   loss   frjt   fbsy  c3timeout    pcs    uncor
       tx     rx      in    err    g_eof  shrt   long   eof     out   c3    fail    sync   sig                  tx    rx     err    err
  9:    3.0g   4.2g   0      0      0      0      0      0      0      1      0      0      0      0      0      0      1      0      0
 10:    1.9g   4.1g   0      2      1      0      1      0      0    892      4      0      4      0      0    892      0      0      0

  • The transmit power (Tx) of the SFP on the switch port is lower than the expected range:

Switch> sfpshow -all

Port 10:

Current:     7.508   mAmps
Voltage:     3304.2  mVolts
RX Power:    -1.5    dBm (706.9uW)
TX Power:    -5.2    dBm (302.0 uW)

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