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When will nobody show as owner of NFS mounts?

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Applies to

  • NFSv4
  • NFS Mounts


Nobody is seen in the one of the following three scenarios:

  • The client does not know who the user is
    • getent passwd <uid> and getent group <gid> on a client can be used in conjunction with file-directory show from ONTAP to see if there is a mismatch
      • If getent doesn't show a user or group, then the client has no idea who the user/group is and will say "nobody".
      • In NFSv3, the client could instead display the uid/gid, but for NFSv4 ONTAP will not send a uid/gid if it can obtain a name.
  • The ID Domain does not match - if the ID Domain does not match, the client will not attempt to look up the user/group.
  • The file/directory is legitimately owned by 'nobody' - common nobody uid/gids are 99, 65534, and 65535.

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