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Network File System(NFS) mount troubleshooting FAQs

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Data ONTAP 7-Mode 


Access denied trying to mount

Created an export file for the volume and getting permission denied

  1. Is automount being used?
    • Try a manual mount instead.
  2. Manual mount still gets Access Denied?
    • Run showmount -e <filer> from the Unix client.
    • Run exportfs from the NetApp
  3. What are the working parameters for the exported path?
    • -access is what allows the mount to proceed
    • -rw, -root and -ro deal with access to files
  4. Is the Unix client listed in the -access list? Are netgroups being used?
    • Check /etc/nsswitch.conf to determine the lookup order of hosts or netgroup. Depending on the order, IP addresses may be resolved to different names.
  5. Check options dns
    • dns.domainname is the default FQDN lookups sent to the nameservers.
  6. Check options nis
    • NIS is what generally allows NETGROUP lookups to occur
  7. Check /etc/resolv.conf and make sure the correct nameservers are listed

Note: Switch nfs.cache_enable off, before mounting users' home directory.

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