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FAQ: 40Gb/s Ethernet extended optical multimode fiber cable for link distances up to 400 meters

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Applies to

  • Ethernet cluster connections with 40GBASE-eSR4 QSFP
  • part numbers:
    • X65401
    • X65402


When using multimode fiber (MMF) optical cable for 40Gb/s Ethernet (40GbE) extended connections, the distance between the host or switch and the storage system can be up to 400 meters. This extended distance capability enables customers to have much greater flexibility in the physical location of the host or switch.

 To deploy optical MMF 40Gb/s Ethernet connectivity for extended distances, customers must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Must use 50-micron optical cable that meets this specification:

MPO-MPO duplex 50/125 Plenum, Type B, min 3500Mhz/Km @ 850 nm, OM4 MMF Cable.

  • For cable lengths greater than 30 meters, customers must purchase them directly from cable vendors. See the Ordering Information for 40GbE MMF Optical Cable below for details.
  • To achieve the maximum 400-meter distance, the interconnect must be a direct point-to-point optical cable with no intervening devices (i.e. patch panel, optical coupler).
  • The distance will be reduced when the interconnect is routed through intermediate passive devices (such as a patch panel) due to degradation in optical signal quality (about 0.3 dB loss per passive device). The actual distance reduction will vary. The only practical way for establishing the maximum supported distance is to test the desired configuration in the actual customer environment.

Ordering Information for 40Gb MMF Optical Cable
For optical MPO/MPO interconnect cable lengths greater than 30 meters and up to 400 meters, contact NetApp qualified supplier Fujikura (FJK).
Use FJK part number: PNJHE-1026-64-03-XXXM, where XXX designates the length in meters.

The part number for a 400-meter MPO-MPO 50/125 Plenum, Type B, min 3500Mhz/Km @ 850 nm, OM4 MMF cable is: PNJHE-1026-64-03-400M.
To order Custom Cable Lengths, contact:
Company: Fujikura America
Contact: Cary Sakamoto
Phone: 408-605-6882

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