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Why snapshots shown out of order on vault destination?

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  • ONTAP 9


When snapshots are being replicated to a vault destination with external script by specifying a snapshot to be replicated it may happen that in certain circumstances an older snapshot is being replicated later than newer. In this case this older snapshot will be shown in out of order.


source cluster

cluster1::> snap list -volume volume -fields create-time
vserver volume   snapshot                                                                     create-time
------- -------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
svm1    volume test1                                                                        Tue Feb 16 14:02:44 2021
svm1    volume test2                                                                        Tue Feb 16 14:02:54 2021
svm1    volume test3                                                                        Tue Feb 16 16:04:07 2021
svm1    volume test4                                                                        Tue Feb 16 16:04:13 2021

destination cluster

‌‌cluster2::> snap list -volume volume_destination -fields create-time
vserver volume          snapshot                                                                     create-time
------- --------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

svm2    volume_destination test2                                                                        Tue Feb 16 14:02:54 2021
svm2    volume_destination test1                                                                        Tue Feb 16 14:02:44 2021
svm2    volume_destination test4                                                                        Tue Feb 16 16:04:13 2021
svm2    volume_destination test3                                                                        Tue Feb 16 16:04:07 2021


In this case snapshots test1 and test3 were manually replicated after test2 and test4 using option -source-snapshot while triggering snapmirror update.

As you can see snapshots are shown not in a chronology order on a vault destination.

This is by design and the baseline snapshot is actually the latest by chronology, which can be checked by

cluster2::> snapmirror show -destination-path svm2:volume_destination -fields exported-snapshot
source-path   destination-path     exported-snapshot
------------- -------------------- -----------------
svm1:volume svm2:volume_destination test4

As you can see from the output the baseline snapshot is test4 which is correct and expected.

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