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Efficiency tasks not running and impacting available space

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Volume efficiency


  • Volume efficiency operations either do not run or take a very long time to run
  • Deduplication fingerprint database reports a stale value over 20%:
Cluster1::> volume efficiency show -vserver svm1 -volume vol1
Vserver Name: svm1
Volume Name: vol1
Volume Path: /vol/vol1
State: Enabled
Status: Idle
Progress: Idle for 2442:28:50
Type: Regular
Schedule: -
Efficiency Policy Name: -
Blocks Skipped Sharing: 0
Last Operation State: Success
Last Success Operation Begin: Mon Nov 07 16:05:00 2022
Last Success Operation End: Mon Nov 07 17:31:38 2022
Last Operation Begin: Mon Nov 07 16:05:00 2022
Last Operation End: Mon Nov 07 17:31:38 2022
Last Operation Size: 88.91GB
Last Operation Error: -
Changelog Usage: 100%
Logical Data Size: 127.0GB
Logical Data Limit: 640TB
Logical Data Percent: 0%
Queued Job: -
Stale Fingerprint Percentage: 62
Compression: true
Inline Compression: true
Constituent Volume: false
Inline Dedupe: true
Data Compaction: true
Cross Volume Inline Deduplication: true
Cross Volume Background Deduplication: true
Extended Compressed Data: true
  • Aggregate space used by Temporary Deduplication:
Cluster1::> volume show-footprint -vserver svm1 -volume vol1
Volume : vol1
Feature                                           Used      Used%
--------------------------------      ----------------      -----
Volume Data Footprint                           76.8GB         1%
Footprint in Performance Tier                   76.8GB       100%
Flexible Volume Metadata                         896MB         0%
Deduplication                                    765MB         0%
Temporary Deduplication                          492MB         0%
Cross Volume Deduplication                      1.03GB         0%
Delayed Frees                                   47.9MB         0%
Total                                           80.0GB         1%
  • Efficiency tasks cannot complete due to insufficient aggregate space
  • All other strategies for space reclamation have been attempted

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