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Active IQ DA: How to read the “Capacity and Efficiency" report”?

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Applies to

  • Active IQ Digital Advisor (AIQDA)
  • ONTAP 9.9.1P3
  • FAS2720


  • You can check the "capacity and Efficiency" in Active IQ Digital Advisor for the cluster and its nodes separately
  • The cluster chart displays the capacity curve as summarized data of the all nodes of the cluster.
  • You are able viewing each node separately by choosing the node tab and change the node via drop-down on the right
Verification in AIQ DA:
  • Click on "Capacity and Efficiency" on the left side.
  • On the right, you can change the view mode from Cluster to Node.
  • Select the affected node. The capacity curve is displayed graphically here.
You can also download the"capacity and Efficiency"report.
When downloading the "capacity and efficiency" report from Active IQ Digital Advisor, there may be no values in "capacity and efficiency" for a node.
For Node A the capacity can be displayed nearly 0, e.g. there is only vol0 existing in the node and has no other space consumption. But if the cluster to which it belongs shows memory consumption, because another within the cluster Node B consuming space, this can lead to a false assumption that Node A is also consuming space.
Additionally you could verify in the weekly ASUP of the node:
  • The volumes and their consumption are displayed in the df log

Additional Information

Analyze capacity and storage efficiency savings
Analyze capacity and storage efficiency savings (
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