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What are the different types of events in Active IQ Unified Manager?

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Applies to

  • Active IQ Unified Manager (AIQUM)
  • Oncommand Unified Manager (OCUM)


  1. Built-in events

  • Predefined events for different object types (Aggregate, Cluster, Node, Volumes, etc.)
  • Two types of built-in events
    • Health Events
      • Automatic notifications triggered by predefined conditions or when an object's health reaches a threshold
      • They help prevent performance issues and system unavailability. Events are classified by impact area (availability, capacity, configuration, or protection) and assigned a severity and impact level to determine the urgency of action needed
    • Performance Events
      • Incidents related to workload performance on a cluster and can help identify workloads with slow response times
  • Unified Manager treats repeated occurrences of the same event as a single event
  • A full list can be found here
  1. Active IQ Portal Events
  • Events that are discovered by Unified Manager through Active IQ
  • Created by applying rules to AutoSupport messages from monitored storage systems
  • Unified Manager automatically checks and downloads new rules for clusters after midnight
    • For sites with no external network access, upload rules manually from Storage Management > Event Setup > Upload Rules
  • These events usually pertain to cluster risks and may offer fix options or suggested actions
  • Event details include the rule ID being checked
  • Click here for more information
  1. EMS Based Events
  • Administrators can use EMS subscription to monitor storage events not included in the built-in events
    • Unified Manager has hundreds of built-in events, whereas ONTAP has several thousand EMS events
  • EMS subscription allows configuration of Unified Manager to receive specific EMS events from clusters in real-time
  • Unified Manager polls on 15-minute intervals which may cause a delay in processing built-in events
  • EMS events are broken up into two categories
    • Automatically Subscribed Events
      • Automatically enabled when a cluster is added to Unified Manager
      • The cluster notifies Active IQ Unified Manager about these events through REST notifications over port 9443
      • The events appear in the format "<Severity> EMS Received," and more details can be viewed by drilling down into the event details
      • See all automatically subscribed events
      Manually Subscribed Events


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