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trident-main container continuously restart in trident-controller pod due to which daemonset pods failed to communicate to trident CSI controller

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Applies to

  • Astra Trident
  • Openshift Container Platform (OCP)


trident-main container continuously restart in trident-controller pod due to which daemonset pods failed to communicate to trident CSI controller.

Trident Controller Log:

level=error msg="Trident is initializing, please try again later" handler=AddOrUpdateNode logLayer=rest_frontend node=Node_Name requestID=0b8a7adc-01c5-450e-9a3a-a450492a655f requestSource=REST workflow="trident_rest=logger" 

level=error msg="Could not initialize storage driver." error="error initializing ontap-nas driver: could not create Data ONTAP API client: error creating ONTAP API client: error reading SVM details: Post \"https://xx.xx.xx.xx/servlets/netapp.servlets.admin.XMLrequest_filer\": context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)" logLayer=core requestID=58be7067-9905-4df0-9ebf-b3eb20065630 requestSource=Internal workflow="core=bootstrap" 

level=debug msg="Failed storage backend." backendName=netapptrident_dtsp backendUUID= driver=ontap-nas logLayer=core requestID=58be7067-9905-4df0-9ebf-b3eb20065630 requestSource=Internal workflow="core=bootstrap"

Trident Operator Log:

level=error msg="Trident REST interface was not available after 210.00 seconds; err: command terminated with exit code 1; Error: could not get version: Trident is initializing, please try again later (503 Service Unavailable)\ncommand terminated with exit code 1"

Trident-Node Log:

level=warning msg="Could not update Trident controller with node registration, will retry." error="failed during retry for CreateNode: could not log into the Trident CSI Controller: error communicating with Trident CSI Controller; Put \https://TridentCSI_ServiceIP:34571/trident/v1/node/NOde_Name\: dial tcp TridentCSI_ServiceIP:34571: connect: connection refused" increment=10.948125443s logLayer=csi_frontend requestID=ccaf9603-dbc3-4ffb-b1ad-f54b6d569f9c requestSource=Internal workflow="plugin=activate"

readiness probe failed: HTTP probe failed with statuscode: 503


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