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Trident backed stuck in 'deleting' state and unable to delete it

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Applies to

  • Astra Trident
  • OpenShift Container Platform (OCP)


The Trident backend is in deleting state:

|       NAME       | STORAGE DRIVER |                 UUID                 |  STATE   | VOLUMES |
| ISCSI-Backend    | ontap-san      | 74d7c2af-7140-41d3-b66d-7943477075cd | online   |      27 |
| NFS-Backend      | ontap-nas      | 5e542122-563c-4c86-a34d-f0528be250e5 | deleting |       1 |

The backend state is 'failed':

# tridentctl get backend NFS-Backend -oyaml | tail
    zone: ""
  configRef: ""
  name: NFS-Backend
  online: false
  protocol: file
  state: failed
  storage: {}
  - pvc-5e96748f-5ebb-473d-b942-dd78d729469f

Trying to delete the corresponding volume generates error:

# tridentctl  -d delete volume pvc-5e96748f-5ebb-473d-b942-dd78d729469f
Operating mode = tunnel, Trident pod = trident-csi-785fbd5587-78dt4, Namespace = otrident, CLI = oc
Invoking tunneled command: oc exec trident-csi-785fbd5587-78dt4 -n otrident -c trident-main -- tridentctl --debug delete volume pvc-5e96748f-5ebb-473d-b942-dd78d729469f
Operating mode = direct, Server =, Autosuport server =
Trident URL:
Request Method: DELETE
Request URL:
Request headers: map[Content-Type:[application/json]]
Request body:
Error: could not delete volume pvc-5e96748f-5ebb-473d-b942-dd78d729469f: backend NFS-Backend is not Online or Deleting (400 Bad Request)
Response status: 400 Bad Request
Response headers: map[Content-Length:[58] Content-Type:[application/json; charset=UTF-8] Date:[Tue, 18 Apr 2023 10:56:03 GMT]]
Response body: {"error":"backend NFS-Backend is not Online or Deleting"}

Backend update fails with error:

# tridentctl update backend NFS-Backend  -f NAS_Trident_Node1.json  -n trident
Error: could not update backend NFS-NPUATS2: problem initializing storage driver 'ontap-nas': error initializing ontap-nas driver: could not create Data ONTAP API client: error creating ONTAP API client: error reading SVM details: Post dial tcp connect: connection refused (400 Bad Request)
command terminated with exit code 1


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