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What is the maximum length of a iSCSI iqn name


Applies to

ONTAP 8.3 and above


  • When you attempt to add an initiator to an igroup, the following error message might be reported:

    ::> igroup add -vserver svm31 -igroup test -initiator

    Error: command failed: Initiator "" too long (need 223     or fewer characters).

  • However, when you attempt to modify iSCSI target iqn of NetApp controller, a different alert is seen:

    ::> iscsi modify -vserver future -target-name     iqn.1992-

    Error: "" is an invalid value for field "-target-name
       <text (size 1..128)>"

  • According to RFC3270, 'Each iSCSI node, whether an initiator or target, MUST have an iSCSI name. Initiators and targets MUST support the receipt of iSCSI names of up to the maximum length of 223 bytes.'
  • A valid iqn name length must not be more than 223 bytes.
  • However, for NetApp, the maximum IQN name length is 128 characters. When modifying the NetApp iSCSI target IQN, a valid value should be less than 128.

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