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Why is there QoS latency after upgrading to ONTAP 9.3+?

Applies to

ONTAP 9.3 and newer


  • Upgrading to ONTAP 9.3 suddenly induces QoS latency from 9.1 or 9.2
  • Creating a new vserver after upgrade
  • Workload has not changed
  • Latency attributed to QoS Delay Center.
    • Example:
    • Cluster::> qos statistics volume latency show
      Workload        Latency    Network    Cluster       Data       Disk        QoS      NVRAM    Cloud
       ----------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- --------
      -total-         85.00us    85.00us        0ms        0ms        0ms        0ms        0ms      0ms
      vol1            84.00us    84.00us        0ms        0ms        0ms        0ms        0ms      0ms
      vol2           105.00ms   105.00us        0ms        0ms        0ms    104.1ms        0ms      0ms



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