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What does the aggregate status parity uninit'd mean?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Data ONTAP 8


Aggregates appear with status of parity uninit'd:

Aggr State Status Options
aggr0 online raid4, aggr root
parity uninit'd!    ->

The above output signifies that the disks have been fake zeroed.

A user environment should never be run with fake initialized disks and parity uninit'd! aggregates since fully initialized (zeroed) disks are required for reliable RAID and Write Anywhere File Layout (WAFL) operation. Any error to a non-parity disk might lead to a PANIC and/or data corruption.

  1. Initialize all disks properly and create a new aggregate.
  2. If data is still needed, copy it over to the newly created aggregate.
  3. Delete the parity uninit'd! aggregate.

Note: If the root aggr is in parity uninit'd state every aggr created after that will also be 'parity uninit'd' regardless if the disks have been cleanly wiped and every disk zero will be a fake zero. In this case only importing a foreign aggregate can be used to create a properly initialized aggregate.

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