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Weblogic application using NFSv4 fails with error "NFS4 error: NFS4ERR_STALE"

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.7P6
  • Solaris 11.4
  • Weblogic version
  • Unix Security style Volume


  • Weblogic application fails.
  • Failure is seen on the Client kernel logs. 
  • The Error "NFS4ERR_STALE" indicates that the file system object referred to by that filehandle no longer exists, or access to it has been revoked.
Client kernel logs :
Oct 19 12:47:21 client02 nfs: [ID 220977] NOTICE: [NFS4][Server: 172.x.x.x][Mntpt: /mnt01]NFS op OP_LOCK got error 4 causing recovery action NR_LOST_LOCK.
Oct 19 12:47:21 client02 nfs: [ID 814820] NOTICE: [NFS4][Server: 172.x.x.x][Mntpt: /mnt01]Lost OP_LOCK request for fs /mnt01, file ./xxx/xxxxx/xxx/12c/user/xxxx/config.lok (rnode_pt: 0xffffa1c028d2a970), dir <null string> (0x0) for server 172.x.x.x
Oct 19 12:47:21 client02 nfs: [ID 581112] NOTICE: [NFS4][Server: 172.x.x.x][Mntpt: /mnt01]NFS Starting recovery for mount /mnt01 (mi 0xffffa1c01e80f500 mi_recovflags [0x0]) on server 172.x.x.x, rnode_pt1 ./xxx/xxxxx/xxx/12c/user/xxxx/config.lok (0xffffa1c028d2a970), rnode_pt2 <null string> (0x0)
Oct 19 12:47:21 client02 nfs: [ID 286389] NOTICE: [NFS4][Server: 172.x.x.x][Mntpt: /mnt01]File ./xxx/xxxxx/xxx/12c/user/xxxx/config.lok (rnode_pt: ffffa1c028d2a970) was closed due to NFS recovery error on server 172.x.x.x(failed to recover stale file handle )
Oct 19 12:47:21 client02 nfs: [ID 941083] NOTICE: NFS4 FACT SHEET: 
Oct 19 12:47:21 client02  Action: NR_LOST_LOCK 
Oct 19 12:47:21 client02  NFS4 error: NFS4ERR_STALE   
Oct 19 12:47:21 client02 nfs: [ID 311268] NOTICE: [NFS4][Server: 172.x.x.x][Mntpt: /mnt01]Process 1306 lost its locks on file ./xxx/xxxxx/xxx/12c/user/xxxx/config.lok (rnode_pt: ffffa1c028d2a970) due to NFS recovery error (5) on server 172.x.x.x.


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