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NFS mount points not accessible when using netgroups and DNS reverse lookup fails

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9 and later
  • NFS
  • Netgroups


  • NFS mount fails when using netgroup as client match in export policy with below error on client:
mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting nfs-server-name:/mount-point
  • Export policy check access fails:
cdot_vsim_9_8::> check-access -vserver vs1 -volume vol1 -client-ip 10.x.2.x -authentication-method sys -protocol nfs3 -access-type read-write
  (vserver export-policy check-access)
                                         Policy    Policy       Rule
Path                          Policy     Owner     Owner Type  Index Access
----------------------------- ---------- --------- ---------- ------ ----------
/                             default    vs1_root    volume          1 read
/vol1                         policy-name   vol1      volume          0 denied
2 entries were displayed.
  • DNS reverse lookup is failing:

cdot_vsim_9_8::*> vserver services name-service getxxbyyy gethostbyname -node node01 -vserver vs1 -hostname

Error: command failed: Failed to resolve Reason: Unknown host.

  • Below error will be reported in ems logs and mgwd logs respectively:

Sat Mar 12 10:34:52 +0000 [node01: kernel: protocol.exportCheckFailed:error]: Export access check failed on Vserver vs1 for client 10.x.2.x, trying to access volume vol1, having policy policy-name, via protocol nfs3. Reason: Access denied after export policy evaluation

Sat Mar 12 2022 10:34:52 00:00 [kern_mgwd:info:2131] | [0.16.993] ERR : getaddrinfo( returned error=8: hostname nor servname provided, or not known files_error = 5, nis_error = 0, ldap_error = 0, dns_error = 0 { in hostMatchLookup() at src/mgmtgwd/nfs/ }

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