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How to configure audit volume in clustered Data ONTAP for the transitioned SnapLock volumes

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9 
  • Data ONTAP 7
  • SnapLock


The transition of SnapLock audit volumes is supported from 7-Mode Transition Tool 3.1, if the target cluster is running ONTAP 9.0 or later. Before attempting to transition the SnapLock audit volumes, you should be aware of the following considerations.

Considerations for the transition of SnapLock audit volume:

SnapLock volumes are of SnapLock Compliance type. Therefore, from the 7-Mode Transition Tool, transition workflow for SnapLock audit volumes is the same as that of SnapLock compliance volumes.

SnapLock Compliance volumes cannot be transitioned to a target cluster which is in MetroCluster configuration. Since SnapLock audit volumes are of SnapLock Compliance volume type, they also cannot be transitioned to target clusters which are in the MetroCluster configuration.

In Data ONTAP 7-Mode systems, SnapLock audit volumes are always a part of the default vFiler unit and serve as the consolidated auditing repository for all the SnapLock Enterprise volumes across all the vFiler units. Therefore, if you want to transition the audit logging information, you must transition the SnapLock audit volume of the default vFiler unit.

In clustered Data ONTAP, SnapLock audit log volumes are configured at the SVM level. If 7-Mode has SnapLock Enterprise volumes across different vFiler units and are sharing a common SnapLock audit volume for auditing operations, you cannot retain this behavior during the transition because each SVM must have separate audit volume configured in the clustered Data ONTAP.

Considerations for the transition of SnapLock audit volume options:
  • The option snaplock.autocommit_period will be transitioned as part of the transition.
  • The option snaplock.compliance.write_verify is not applicable in clustered Data ONTAP.
  • The options snaplock.log.default_retention and snaplock.log.maximum_size are supported in clustered Data ONTAP. However, the 7-Mode Transition Tool does not transition these options to clustered Data ONTAP. 


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