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How to configure NFSv4 in Cluster-Mode

Applies to

  • Clustered Data ONTAP 8


What is NFSv4?

  • NFSv4 supports traditional file access while integrating support for file locking and the mount protocol
  • Provides support for strong security (and its negotiation), compound operations, client caching, and internationalization (these have been added)

Why NFSv4?

  • NFSv4 is more secure
  • Ensures better performance
  • Provides single ‘pseudo’ namespace
  • Provides better file sharing due to improved locking mechanisms

Note: For limitations of NFSv4 in Cluster-Mode, see the File Access and Protocol Guides.

What is required for NFSv4 in Cluster Mode? 

  • NFSv4 capable Linux clients (Verify by checking that NFSv4 packages are installed)
  • Valid name-mappings (Files or LDAP, preferably - due to security)




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