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Cluster peer errors on node cause vifmgr and mgwd to restart

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.6
  • ONTAP 9.7


  • In clusters running ONTAP 9.6 or 9.7, cluster peer errors are generated at random times:
[node-01: mgwd: cpeer.xcm.update.warn:error]: Periodic update of peer network information failed. The following operations are incomplete: discovery failure.
[node-01: mgwd: cpeer.xcm.addr.disc.warn:error]: Address discovery failed for peer cluster 15897456-d9fg-11e7-9c45-xfghdfgsgheds. Reason: Failed to discover remote addresses: Timeout: Operation "clusterPeer_rtable_iterator::get_imp()" took longer than 60 seconds to complete [from mgwd on node "node-01" (VSID: -3) to mgwd at 15897456-d9fg-11e7-9c45-xfghdfgsgheds].
[node-01: mgwd:]: Failed to find intercluster LIFs in IPspace Default on node node-01.
[node-01: mgwd: cpeer.xcm.update.warn:error]: Periodic update of peer information from CLUSTERNAME failed. The following operations are incomplete: The identity of peer cluster 15897456-d9fg-11e7-9c45-xfghdfgsgheds not found.
  • This may lead to vifmgr and mgwd restart on the node causing the data LIFs to migrate.
  • If failover targets are not configured properly, this may lead to a data outage.


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