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Can FabricPool tiering be stopped immediately by changing the policy to None?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.2 and later
  • FabricPool


Yes, Volumes set to use None (default) as their tiering policy will stop tiering cold data to the cloud tier.

  • Setting the tiering policy to None prevents new tiering
  • Volume data that has previously been moved to the cloud tier remains in the cloud tier until it becomes hot
  • When cold blocks in a volume are read, they are made hot and are automatically moved back to the local tier
  • Data that was in the process of being tiered before changing policy to None, will continue to tier. This can be up to 60GB.

Additional Information

  • Disabling the InterCluster LIF is highly discouraged.
    • If Connection is lost to the clousd tier,  the user or application receives an error message because cold blocks that exist exclusively on the cloud tier are unavailable until it comes back online
    • Additionally, cold local tier data fails to be written to the cloud tier if the cloud tier is offline
  • Technical Report - FabricPool Best Practices


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