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CIFS shares inaccessible, "no route to host", and secd.dns.srv.lookup.failed

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • CIFS
  • DNS
  • Service/Firewall Policy


  • CIFS shares unaccessible. Error:

You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

  • EMS logs contain following errors:

[netapp01-01: secd: secd.dns.srv.lookup.failed:error]: DNS server failed to look up service( for vserver (netapp-cifs01) with error (Connection refused).

[netapp01-01: secd: secd.cifsAuth.problem:error]: vserver (netapp-cifs01) General CIFS authentication problem. Error: User authentication procedure failed CIFS SMB2 Share mapping - Client Ip =   

[  0 ms] Login attempt by domain user 'NETAPP\user1' using NTLMv1 style security  

[     6] Failed to connect to for DNS via Source Address No route to host  

[     6] Failed to connect to for DNS via Source Address No route to host  

[     6] Failed to connect to for DNS via Source Address No route to host

**[     6] FAILURE: Unable to contact DNS to discover domain controllers.  

[     6] Unable to make a connection (NetLogon:NETAPP.COM), result: 6812  

[     6] CIFS authentication failed.

  • DNS server is responding to ping:

::> network ping -vserver netapp-cifs01 -lif lif1 -destination is alive

  • When performing "dns check" the operation fails:

::> dns check -vserver netapp-cifs01
Name Server
Vserver       Name Server     Status       Status Details
------------- --------------- ------------ --------------------------
netapp-cifs01      down         No route to host.


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