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Is my SnapDrive for Windows compatible with my ONTAP version ?


Applies to

  • SnapDrive for Windows (SDW) 7.1 and higher
  • ONTAP 9.4 and higher


Although SDW can be found in the Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) for older ONTAP versions, the latest ones are only officially supported through the use of a SnapManager package which bundles SDW.

To properly identify the ONTAP version support for Windows SnapManager software (for Oracle, SAP, Hyper-V, SQL, and Exchange), check the Solution for that product:

  1. select the Advanced Search box
  2. enter the acronym of the product: SMO, SMSAP, SMHV, SMSQL or SME
  3. select Add from the Solution drop-down section
  4. select Next >> Refine Search Criteria
  5. check if your ONTAP version is listed under ONTAP OS

Additional Information

Use the Interoperability Matrix Tool