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SCSQL backup fails with error: Unable to find storage system for given resources

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Applies to

  • SnapCenter Server (SC) 4.1 and higher
  • SnapCenter Plug-In for SQL (SCSQL) 4.1 and higher
  • Netapp Data Broker (NDB) 1.0 and higher
  • SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere (SCV) 4.5


  • SnapCenter backup for SCSQL fails with error (GUI) - "Unable to find storage system for given resources"
  • SMCore logs shows the error:

DEBUG SMCore_16899 PID=[2072] TID=[47] ValidateDiscoveredResourcesActivity Begin
ERROR SMCore_16899 PID=[2072] TID=[47] ErrorCode (-1),ErrorMessage (SQL Database (database\test) is not on NetApp storage or in an invalid state.)
WARN SMCore_16899 PID=[2072] TID=[47] Activity - Grouping Resources, Completed with warning : The following activities failed:Registering invalid databases. Please check the activities for detailed error message.

Corresponding NDB/SCV vmcontrol_<jobid>.log shows a communication error from NDB/SCV to the SC server:

DEBUG luxnoc003 --- [ qtp32374789-17] c.n.a.s.u.SnapManagerServiceHelper : Connecting to url: https://<IP_Address>:8146/RbacService.svc/Login
ERROR luxnoc003 --- [ qtp32374789-17] c.n.a.s.c.SnapManagerHostServiceRestImpl : Invalid input - Username or Password passed in is null
ERROR luxnoc003 --- [ qtp32374789-17] c.n.a.s.c.SnapManagerHostServiceRestImpl : [JobId:16899] Error when obtaining token: null and unable to login to the SnapCenter Server <IP_Address> : Invalid input - Username or Password passed in is null
WARN luxnoc003 --- [ qtp32374789-17] c.n.a.d.VsphereDiscoveryManager : [JobId:16899] Unable to get storage details for datastore <DataStore> with managed object reference datastore-<ID>. Storage system(s) may need to be added, also ensure that the associated host is in a connected state.


  • SnapCenter UI error:

The following activities failed:Registering invalid databases,Grouping Resources,Registering invalid databases. 

Please check the activities for detailed error message. 

Unable to find any healthy  resource on NetApp storage.


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