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How are MDV volumes supposed to be located over aggregates ?

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How are MDV volumes supposed to be located over aggregates?

In a MetroCluster configuration, the best practice is to have MDV volumes located on 2 different mirrored data aggregates (on 8 node MetroClusters distributed across 2 HA pairs). You can move a metadata volume from one aggregate to another aggregate in a MetroCluster configuration. You might want to move a metadata volume when the source aggregate is decommissioned or unmirrored, or for other reasons.

This procedure describes that if both the MDV volumes are hosted on one aggregate, one of them should be moved to another aggregate.

Perform the following steps:

Verify that the volumes are on the same aggregate

Cluster_A::> volume show -fields volume,aggregate
vserver         volume                                     aggregate          
--------------- ------------------------------------------ -----------------------
Cluster_A       MDV_CRS_6cc9b517a26d11e48b6100505697f7e6_A a1_required_data_aggr_1 <== MDV on same aggregate
Cluster_A       MDV_CRS_6cc9b517a26d11e48b6100505697f7e6_B a1_required_data_aggr_1 <== MDV on same aggregate
Cluster_A       MDV_CRS_7ec06dc9a26d11e4b97100505697f7e9_A b1_required_data_aggr_1
Cluster_A       MDV_CRS_7ec06dc9a26d11e4b97100505697f7e9_B b2_required_data_aggr_1

(output truncated)


Move the volume

Run the volume move command in advanced privilege to move the secondary metadata volume to another aggregate. Follow the procedure from the MetroCluster service guide (Moving a metadata volume in MetroCluster configurations).

Once the move of the volume is complete, all the metadata volumes will be hosted on one aggregate.

Change the privilege mode back to admin

Cluster_A::> set -privilege admin


For more details, review the following documentation :

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