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OnCommand Unified Manager read-only account privileges for clustered Data ONTAP

Applies to

  • OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2+
  • OnCommand Unified Manager 6.x


This article describes how to create a role in clustered Data ONTAP with minimum permission and access as necessarily required by a local user account, which will be used by OnCommand Unified Manager.

More about this article:

  • This is living breathing article, which means if we created a read-only (minimum permission) role in clustered Data ONTAP following this article and still run into an issue then hopefully the same article will help you update the role with the missing/required APIs.

  • The article includes the different ontapi as part of the attach files that will help you create a local user account with minimum permissions.

  • The article includes minimum ontapi commands that was tested in 8.3.2, 9.1 through 9.5.
  • You must add/remove the cluster with admin privileges, when adding, once the poll is completed you can change to the readonly user created.