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How to backup and restore using OnCommand Unified Manager

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Applies to

  • OnCommand Unified Manager (UM) (6.3 and later)
  • Active IQ Unified Manager (UM) (all versions)
  • Workflow Automation (WFA) (all versions)


  1. UM must be connected to WFA server from the UM Web UI
  2. For Mirror protection a SnapMirror license is required
  3. For Backup vault protection a SnapVault license if required
  4. Ports needs to be open for NDMP communication between the following devices:
    • UM server to source and destination cluster mgmt lifs (port 10000) 
    • Intercluster (IC) LIF between the clusters (port 11104, 11105 and 18600-18699)
      Notes : How to manage NDMP on storage system guide.
    • User can reduce the port range by using the option ndmpd.data_port_range for IC LIFs
    • Run the following command:
      vserver services ndmp modify -vserver * -data-port-range 18600-18699
  5. Vserver scoped needs to be enabled with the NDMP allowed protocols verification.
    For more information, see the article: How to enable SVM-scoped (Vserver-scoped) NDMP.
  6. Create a Vserver NDMP password.
    For more information, see article: How to configure NDMP authentication in the 'SVM-scope' (previously known as ‘Vserver-scope’) mode
  7. Cluster and Vserver peers must be intact and running 
  8. Both source and destination clusters must be added to the UM server and have successful inventory without any errors
  9. Users/Permissions involved to setup the protection relationship are:
    • UM: admin with OnCommand Administrator
    • Cluster:  Local Cluster Admin Account
  10. Collect the following information before creating 'SnapMirror' or 'SnapVault' relationships on a source volume:
    • Source volume type should be read-write
    • Destination cluster name
    • Destination Vserver name
    • Destination aggregate

It is important to first test and configure the 'pre-requisites' requirements before proceeding with setting up the backup and restore process in UM.

Once the 'pre-requisites' configuration is done on the cluster side, then give an hour for UM to update the changes.

Other Tools

The following management tools can also enable cluster or storage virtual machines administrator to manage SnapMirror or SnapVault protection

  • OnCommand Workflow Automation
  • OnCommand System Manager



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