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What caused the plex to fail and how was the disk replaced?

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Applies to

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Disk failure


The disk failed due to GCP outage.
It was later unfailed and reassimilated by the CVO cluster.

Additional Information

Issue signature:

8/11/2022 19:00:03 node-01 ERROR raid.config.check.failedPlex: Plex /aggr1/plex1 has failed.
8/11/2022 19:00:02 node-02 ERROR diskown.errorDuringIO: error 3 (disk failed) on disk 0b.26 (S/N disk1) while reading entire disk ownership area
8/11/2022 18:56:03 node-01 ERROR monitor.globalStatus.nonCritical: One or more mirrored aggregates are degraded. Disk on adapter 0d unknown shelf and slot failed.
8/11/2022 18:55:13 node-01 ERROR callhome.fdsk.fault: Call home for FILESYSTEM DISK FAILED Shelf -, Bay -, Model [PHA-DISK        ], S/N [vg1npcvo-vm2datadisk1]
8/11/2022 18:55:13 node-01 ALERT callhome.syncm.plex: Call home for SYNCMIRROR PLEX FAILED
8/11/2022 18:55:13 node-01 ALERT raid.vol.mirror.degraded: Aggregate aggr1 is mirrored and one plex has failed. It is no longer protected by mirroring.
8/11/2022 18:55:13 node-01 ERROR raid.config.filesystem.disk.failed: File system Disk /aggr1/plex1/rg0/0d.30 S/N [disk1] UID [disk1] failed.
8/11/2022 18:55:13 node-01 ERROR disk.senseInfoNotValid: Disk 0d.30: sense data information field is not valid.
8/11/2022 18:55:13 node-01 ERROR scsi.cmd.checkCondition: Disk device 0d.30L0: Check Condition: CDB 0x28:77d17f00:0008: Sense Data SCSI:medium error - Unrecovered read err
Example of log entry:
Disk 0d.30 S/N [disk1] UID [disk1] was unfailed, and is now being reassimilated
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