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Unable to create aggregate using disks from a new shelf because of foreign aggregate

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  • ONTAP 9


  • An aggregate has to be created from the newly added shelf.
  • The disks on that shelf are already assigned to a container.
cluster1::> disk show -shelf 1
                     Usable           Disk    Container   Container
Disk                   Size Shelf Bay Type    Type        Name      Owner
---------------- ---------- ----- --- ------- ----------- --------- --------
1.1.0                3.63TB     1   0 FSAS    shared      aggr0     node-02
1.1.1                3.63TB     1   1 FSAS    shared      aggr0     node-01
1.1.22               3.63TB     1  22 FSAS    spare       aggr0     node-02
1.1.23               3.63TB     1  23 FSAS    spare       aggr0     node-01
24 entries were displayed.
  • The existing container is not listed in the aggr show output.

cluster1::> aggr show

Aggregate     Size Available Used% State   #Vols  Nodes            RAID Status
--------- -------- --------- ----- ------- ------ ---------------- ------------
root_n1    159.9GB    7.75GB   95% online       1 node-01          raid_dp,
root_n2    159.9GB    7.75GB   95% online       1 node-02          raid_dp,
data_aggr1 10.13TB   10.13TB    0% online       1 node-01          raid_dp,
data_aggr2 10.13TB   10.13TB    0% online       1 node-02          raid_dp,
4 entries were displayed.

  • The ownership removal fails:

cluster1::> storage disk removeowner -disk 1.1.0

Error: command failed: Failed to remove the owner of disk "1.1.0". Reason: Cannot remove owner of disk "1.1.0" because it is shared.

cluster1::> set -privilege advanced

Warning: These advanced commands are potentially dangerous; use them only when directed to do so by NetApp personnel.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y

cluster1::*> storage aggregate offline aggr0

Error: command failed: Failed to check if aggr0 is a foreign (unknown) aggregate. Reason: entry doesn't exist.

cluster1::*> storage aggregate remove-stale-record -nodename node-01 -aggregate aggr0

Error: command failed: Failed to delete aggregate "aggr0". Reason: aggregate 'aggr0' cannot be destroyed because it is restricted. You will need to take it offline before destroying it.

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