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Delete the volume when the "Wafl. Mirror. Access denied: error"

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ONTAP 9.8 or Later version


The following error message is displayed in the EMS when the volume is deleted
[?] Tue Nov 01 17:54:08 +0900 [ORG-AFF400-02: wafl_exempt12:]: WAFL volume data compaction state changed in volume "temp__2504__12051__vol_4652_usr_229_img_1000" to "enabled".
[?] Tue Nov 01 17:54:08 +0900 [ORG-AFF400-02: wafl_spcd_main:]: Volume temp__2504__12051__vol_4652_usr_229_img_1000@vserver:cad6ad68-bd21-11eb-8ba0-d039ea30af83 is OK.
[?] Tue Nov 01 17:54:08 +0900 [ORG-AFF400-02: wafl_exempt16: wafl.inode.fill.enable:debug]: fill reservation enabled for inode 11797 (aggr aggr2).
[?] Tue Nov 01 17:54:08 +0900 [ORG-AFF400-02: wafl_exempt15: wafl.mirror.access.denied:error]: Access to SnapMirror volume 'temp__2504__12051__vol_4652_usr_229_img_1000' was denied because SnapMirror initialization was not complete (exported Snapshot copy identifier '0' is invalid).
[?] Tue Nov 01 17:54:09 +0900 [ORG-AFF400-02: vv_config_worker13: wafl.vvol.restrict:info]: params: {'vol': 'temp__2504__12051__vol_4652_usr_229_img_1000', 'app': '', 'volident': '@vserver:cad6ad68-bd21-11eb-8ba0-d039ea30af83'}
[?] Tue Nov 01 17:54:09 +0900 [ORG-AFF400-02: worker_thread_707: wafl.compress.cde.event:notice]: WAFL container compression state changed in volume "temp__2504__12051__vol_4652_usr_229_img_1000" to "enabled".
[?] Tue Nov 01 17:54:20 +0900 [ORG-AFF400-02: config_thread:]: params: {'vol': 'temp__2504__12051__vol_4652_usr_229_img_1000', 'app': '', 'volident': '@vserver:cad6ad68-bd21-11eb-8ba0-d039ea30af83'}
[?] Tue Nov 01 17:54:31 +0900 [ORG-AFF400-02: wafl_spcd_main:]: Volume vol_4652_usr_229_img_1000@vserver:cad6ad68-bd21-11eb-8ba0-d039ea30af83 is OK.
[?] Tue Nov 01 17:54:31 +0900 [ORG-AFF400-02: vv_config_worker15: wafl.vvol.renamed:info]: Volume 'temp__2504__12051__vol_4652_usr_229_img_1000@vserver:cad6ad68-bd21-11eb-8ba0-d039ea30af83' renamed to 'vol_4652_usr_229_img_1000@vserver:cad6ad68-bd21-11eb-8ba0-d039ea30af83'.

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