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Enclosure Status is critical with error "Power control state: critical - power control fault detected"

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Applies to

  • DS14mk4 FC
  • Data ONTAP 8
  • SCSI Enclosure Services (SES)


  • Enclosure status and Power Ctrl are critical in command "storage show fault".


Enclosure Status: critical
Channel: 12b
Shelf: 1
Shelf Type: DS14-Mk4-FC
Product Serial Number: OPS67734221717E
Module Type: ESH


Vendor Unique Element 80-ESH: (ESH HUB)
Element Status         Status Bytes  Status Descriptions
  1 [ESH A]    : OK                01,00,00,03   
  2 [ESH A]    : OK                01,00,00,03  

Vendor Unique Element 84-ESH: (Power Ctrl)
Element Status         Status Bytes  Status Descriptions
  1: CRITICAL          02,86,00,00

  • Power control state is "critical - power control fault detected" in command "environment status"


Channel: 12b Shelf: 1 Shelf Serial Number: OPS67734221717E
Shelf product id: DS14-Mk4-FC
Module A Serial Number: IMS6981331F5A74  Firmware rev: 14
Module B Serial Number: IMS6981331F5C7B  Firmware rev: 14
Controller A boot time: 2738 days 4 hrs 5 mins 11 secs
Controller B boot time: 2741 days 19 hrs 43 mins 31 secs
Power control state: critical - power control fault detected
Last power control completion status: inconsistent drive status
Timestamp: Sun Jun 28 14:20:44 CST 2020


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