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Can LS Mirror be setup on an SVM DR destination?

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Applies to

  • SVM DR
  • Load Sharing Mirror (LS Mirror)


  • LS Mirror can not and should not be setup on an SVMDR destination as the destination SVM in an SVMDR relationship will be in an operational "stopped" state
  • Trying to create a volume on the SVMDR destination SVM in order to setup LS Mirror will result in the following error
cluster2::> vserver show -vserver SVM1_DR -fields operational-state,admin-state,subtype
vserver subtype        admin-state operational-state
------- -------------- ----------- -----------------
SVM1_DR dp-destination running     stopped
cluster2::> volume create -vserver SVM1_DR -volume Root_LS1 -aggregate aggr_dp -size 20M -type LS

Error: command failed: This operation is not permitted on a Vserver that is
configured as the destination for Vserver DR.


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