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ONTAP 9 web services remain "offline" status after restarting HTTP processes

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • ONTAP System Manager


  • The web services are in "offline" status
  • Restarting the services have no effect
  • System Manager and SPI access both failed

Cluster1::> system services web node show
Node External Enabled Port Port Status HTTP Requests Bytes Served
------------- -------- ------- ----- ----- -------- ------------- ------------
Cluster1-01 true false 80 443 offline - -
Cluster1-02 true false 80 443 offline - -

apache_error log:

[Mon Jul 03 15:09:18.956096 2023] [dot:notice] [pid 94700:tid 34378649600] Refreshed the cache of the vserver config file /mroot/etc/www/wsdb/ httpd-vserver.conf, modified at 1688061154
[Mon Jul 03 15:09:18.956478 2023] [dot:notice] [pid 94700:tid 34378649600] Creating http listener on port 65508 for web service FW_BMC
[Mon Jul 03 15:09:18.956920 2023] [dot:notice] [pid 94700:tid 34378649600] Creating https listener on port 65509 for web service FW_BMC
httpd: Syntax error on line 68 of /etc/apache2/ httpd.conf: Syntax error on line 39 of /var/etc/ httpd-custom.conf: Failed to find web service fud: No such file or directory
[Mon Jul 03 16:09:20.003131 2023] [dot:notice] [pid 10464:tid 34378649600] The web services database has been initialized.


  • The web services are not in "offline" status
  • SPI access does work but System Manager is not
  • Restarting the services has no effect
  • Check for the following in the indicated logs

apache-error log:
[Wed Dec 13 18:43:44.735012 2023 0000] [dot:error] [pid 11838:tid 34402468608] [client :] [vserver ID 4294912345] [service security] HTTP POST method not allowed

00000017.0006bf6c 00c4a9a3 Wed Dec 13 2023 18:43:44 00:00 [kern_audit:info:11838] 8503e80000001df9 :: :http :: : :: :admin :: POST /security/login HTTP/1.1 :: Error: 405 Method Not Allowed

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