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ONTAP S3 object store shows unavailable after bucket resize

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • ONTAP S3


  • The ONTAP System Manager reports “Cloud tier is not available”.
  • ONTAP S3 object store is unavailable:

Cluster::> object-store show -fields object-store-availability,object-store-unavailable-reason
  (storage aggregate object-store show)
aggregate        object-store-name             object-store-availability object-store-unavailable-reason
---------------- ----------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------------
netapp1_01         FabricPool-LocalS3             unavailable               Operation Timedout
netapp1_02         FabricPool-LocalS3             available                 -
2 entries were displayed.

  • ONTAP S3 object store is full and the following alerts are reported in the event logs:
[Node-01: OscLowPriThreadPool:]: Failed to write to object store FabricPool-LocalS3 because it is out of space.
[Node-01: OscLowPriThreadPool:]: Unable to connect to the object store "FabricPool-LocalS3" from node d98XXXXX-fXX1-1XX9-8XX3-d0XXXXXXXXXd. Reason: Operation Timedout.
  • ONTAP S3 object store was resized:
cluster::> object-store-server bucket modify -bucket ObjectStore -size NewSize
[Job 1111] Job succeeded: Successful
  • Even after the resize, some nodes are unable to connect to the object store:
[cluster: OscLowPriThreadPool:]: Unable to connect to the object store "FabricPool-LocalS3" from node UUID. Reason: Operation Timedout.
cluster::*> storage aggregate object-store show -aggregate netapp1_01 -fields provider-type,object-store-availability,object-store-unavailable-reason
aggregate         object-store-name object-store-availability object-store-unavailable-reason provider-type
----------------- ----------------- ------------------------- ------------------------------- -------------
AggrName          FabricPool-LocalS3 unavailable                 Operation Timedout             ONTAP_S3
  • From the SKTRACE.GZ section in the ASUP, it can be found that ONTAP is unable to make a connection with the object store:

2023-04-12T07:05:49Z 49022153676645474    [3:0] OSC_ERR:  logCmd:342 HEAD Cmd ID:56 obj-name: failed with OSC error: 2
2023-04-12T07:05:49Z 49022153676666186    [3:0] OSC_ERR:  handleExecCommand:457 ConnPool 0xfffff70079f95000 Conn create error 5



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