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Once the "continuously-available" share property is removed, how do you ensure sessions are no longer utilizing it?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • CIFS
  •  Continuous Availability (CA) share property


  • Continuously-Available is negotiated on the initial client connection and remembered for the duration of that session connection
    • Once that property is removed, that does not apply to existing connections
    • Clients that have negotiated Continuously-Available will have to be reconnected to force it to connect without it
    • To be absolutely sure that the clients connect without CA share capability, a client reboot may be required


  • Due to bug1097331 we changed the default CA share output if no open files are present from YES to NO
  • If you are on a version prior to a fix for bug 1097331, verify if #open files are greater than zero before attributing to a CA connection

Additional Information

  • The ONTAP CLI command vserver cifs session show will provide output on any sessions that utilize Continous Availability:


nas-cm910::> vserver cifs session show -fields continuously-available,windows-user,files
node         vserver  session-id          connection-id windows-user files continuously-available
------------ -------- ------------------- ------------- ------------ ----- ----------------------
nas-cm910-01 vs1      1492380326519929822 3090365022    DEMO\user5   1     No
nas-cm910-01 vs1      1492380326519939801 3090376727    DEMO\Administrator
                                                                     3     No
nas-cm910-01 vs2      1492380326519940176 3090377117    INTERNALDOMAINB\Administrator
                                                                     0     No
nas-cm910-01 vs1      1492380326519934162 3090370076    DOMAINA\user2
                                                                     2     No
nas-cm910-02 vs1      8066791357550707703 1171492883    DEMO\Administrator
                                                                     2     No
nas-cm910-02 vs1      8066791357550729789 1171515981    INTERNALDOMAINB\Administrator
                                                                     0     No
6 entries were displayed.


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