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Directory/file created on NFSv4 mounted file system with inherited ACE may result in mode bits of the directory/file set to 0000

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Applies to

  • Unix/Linux client
  • NFSv4.0
  • 9.3 P9 and earlier


  • When creating a directory or a file on an NFSv4 mounted file system where the parent directory has an inheritable ACE (Access Control Entry), the directory or file may be created with the appropriate ACE but with the mode bits set to 0000. This is more likely to occur on a system that is busy.
  • This can cause access issues for users who would otherwise have access to the directory or file.

Example: Parent directory testdir2 has an inheritable group ACE.

[testuser@centos testdir]$ nfs4_getfacl .
A:fdg:testgroup@test.local:rwaDxtTnNcCy <<< Note: Inheritable group ACE of parent directory

  • The following command searches the current directory for directories (-type d) where the mode bits are 0000 (-perm 0000) and then attempts to list it (-ls) which results in permission denied.

[testuser@centos testdir2]$ find . -type d -perm 0000 -ls
10151 4 d--------- 2 testuser testgroup 4096 Feb 26 12:53 ./test0169
find: ‘./test0169’: Permission denied <<< Error due to mode bits set to 0000

  • When viewed from the filer, we can see the inherited ACE and the UNIX Mode Bits:

::*> file-directory show -vserver svm01  -path /vol_test1/testuser/testdir2/test0169
(vserver security file-directory show)
Vserver: svm01
File Path: /vol_test1/testuser/testdir/test0169
File Inode Number: 10151
Security Style: unix
Effective Style: unix
DOS Attributes: 10
DOS Attributes in Text: ----D---
Expanded Dos Attributes: -
UNIX User Id: 10000
UNIX Group Id: 10000
UNIX Mode Bits: 0
UNIX Mode Bits in Text: ---------
ACLs: NFSV4 Security Descriptor


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