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What can slow down the volume move operation?

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Moving a volume can be slowed down by many factors, here are some examples:

  • Volume size can substantially prolong  vol move operations
  • The vol move operation will be hindered if data is being accessed at the time, i.e. volume in production
  • Scheduling more than one vol move operation at a time will likely have a negative impact 
  • There could also be a bottleneck i.e. on the CPU INTERNAL NOTES
    • See when vol move was started /triggered and when it completed from ASUP volume-move-show-table.xml
  • A failed disk being reconstructed can increase throughput on certain nodes, even if not on the same aggregate node utilization can be higher 
    • this can be viewed through Digital Advisor frontend traffic
  • Find low user workload times to help speed up the operation, as background traffic is automatically throttled in favour of frontend traffic 
    • vol move operation takes what it can/what is available. 
  • ONTAP is opportunistic and will use available IDLE CPU cycles (IDLE time) for background tasks
  • Data latency during a SnapMirror transfer can happen, though it is rare due to being a background process on CPU
  • Excessive Deduplication jobs may increase latency in ONTAP systems
  • Tape/NDMP Backup jobs can cause high Node utilization/latency
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