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LIF shows in Unhomed state

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Broadcast or Multicast traffic storm


  • From time to time, LIF reported as unhomed and VIF manager (vifmgr) goes out of quorum.
  • EMS message generated for vifmgr:
[vifmgr.lifmoved.nodedown:notice]: LIF derotvi9001q20 (on virtual server 27), IP address x.x.x.x, is being moved to node node1, port a0a-701.
00000023.0338d49d 0686cf9f Sat Dec 05 2020 19:07:06 +01:00 [kern_vifmgr:info:6013] A [src/rdb/quorum/qm_states/inq/ 146 (0x80bf5f100)]: doWork: Leaving Quorum at 10949827s; membership expired at 10949827s - no poll received from Master since 10949809s [membershipDisabled: false]
00000023.0338d49e 0686cf9f Sat Dec 05 2020 19:07:06 +01:00 [kern_vifmgr:info:6013] A [src/rdb/quorum/qm_states/inq/ 306 (0x80bf5f100)]: secondaryFailed: FastPathDefault 1, Membership terminated by secondaryFailed call at 10949827s, _failedTillTime 10949830s
00000023.0338d49f 0686cf9f Sat Dec 05 2020 19:07:06 +01:00 [kern_vifmgr:info:6013] A [src/rdb/quorum/qm_states/inq/ 65 (0x80bf5f100)]: state2: WS_QuorumMember -> WS_Failed
00000023.0338d4a0 0686cf9f Sat Dec 05 2020 19:07:06 +01:00 [kern_vifmgr:info:6013] A [src/rdb/quorum/qm_states/inq/ 326 (0x80bf5f100)]: stateUp2Secondary: WS_QuorumMember -> WS_Failed
00000023.0338d4a1 0686cf9f Sat Dec 05 2020 19:07:06 +01:00 [kern_vifmgr:info:6013] A [src/rdb/quorum/qm_states/ 308 (0x80bf5f100)]: qmsPreferredCandidate_set: QmState::qmsPreferredCandidate_set till: 10949830s who: 1003.
00000023.0338d4a2 0686cf9f Sat Dec 05 2020 19:07:06 +01:00 [kern_vifmgr:info:6013] A [src/rdb/quorum/qm_states/inq/ 50 (0x80bf5f100)]: stateUp2InQuorum: WS_QuorumMember -> WS_Failed
00000023.0338d4a3 0686cf9f Sat Dec 05 2020 19:07:06 +01:00 [kern_vifmgr:info:6013] A [src/rdb/quorum/ 1920 (0x80bf5f100)]: local_offlineUpcall: local_offlineUpcall QM Upcall status: Secondary ==> Offline Epoch: 35 => 35 isFastPath 1 isFastPathOverride 0 membershipDisabled: 0
00000023.0338d4a4 0686cf9f Sat Dec 05 2020 19:07:06 +01:00 [kern_vifmgr:info:6013] A [src/rdb/quorum/qm_states/ 552 (0x80bf5f100)]: stateTrans: QmState::stateTrans: WS_QuorumMember -> WS_Failed at: 10949827s
00000023.0338d4a5 0686cf9f Sat Dec 05 2020 19:07:06 +01:00 [kern_vifmgr:info:6013] ******* OOQ mtrace dump BEGIN *********


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