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Where do I install FC32-48 Port Blades in the Brocade X6-8 Director switch?

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Brocade X6 Switch


When a customer purchases a Brocade X6-8 Director switch, it ships with blanks installed in the X6-8 chassis. Any additional FC32-48 port blades will have shipped separately, and will need to be installed into the chassis prior to power-on and boot-up.

The chassis supports up to 8 FC32-48 port blades, however the switch may be purchased with less than a full compliment of blades to populate the chassis.

  • FC32-48 port blades are always installed in pairs.
  • Slots 3-6 are the left bank. Slots 9-12 are the right bank. For each pair of blades install one blade in the left bank and the other in the right bank. Refer to table 1 for blade positioning.
  • Make sure to slot the blades correctly into the chassis and use the levers to lock the blades into place.
  • Be sure to also tighten the blade screw to the chassis after installation, or the switch may not recognize the blade upon boot-up.


Table 1

Set Number Slot Pairings
1 3 & 9
2 4 & 10
3 5 & 11
4 6 & 12



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