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EMS reports Unknown device: Check Condition: CDB 0x12: Sense Data SCSI:illegal reques

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Applies to

  • Tape
  • ONTAP 9


  • EMS reports Unknown device: Check Condition: CDB 0x12: Sense Data SCSI:illegal reques on tape.

[node01: isp2400_intrd: scsi.cmd.checkCondition:error]: Unknown device FFFF: Check Condition: CDB 0x12: Sense Data SCSI:illegal request - (0x5 - 0x25 0x0 0x0)(0).

  • Check tape connection, there is not the tape which shows unknow device error.

        slot 0: FC Host Adapter 0g (QLogic 8324 rev. 2, N-port, <UP>)
               Firmware rev:      8.7.0
               Flash rev:         5.0.2
               Host Port Id:      0x13adc0
               FC Node Name:      XXXXXXXX
               FC Port Name:      XXXXXXXX
               SFP Vendor:        FINISAR CORP.
               SFP Part Number:   FTLF8529P3BCVAN1
               SFP Serial Number: UUB22VR
               SFP Capabilities:  4, 8 or 16 Gbit
               Link Data Rate:    16 Gbit
               Switch Port:       Switch:328
                AAAAL1 Medium Changer: QUANTUM Scalar i6000    741Q (QUANTUM273110004_LL0    )
                AAAA Tape:  Hewlett-Packard LTO-5 I6RZ (F00296A007)
                BBBB Tape:  Hewlett-Packard LTO-5 I6RZ (F00296A013)
                CCCC Tape:  Hewlett-Packard LTO-5 I6RZ (F00296A01F)
                DDDD Tape:  Hewlett-Packard LTO-5 I6RZ (F00296A02B)
                EEEE Tape:  Hewlett-Packard LTO-5 I6RZ (F00296A037)


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