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NetApp EF600 running SANtricity OS pre-11.60.3 reports "Nominal temperature exceeded"

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Applies to

NetApp EF600 all-flash array running one of the following:

  • NetApp SANtricity OS 11.60
  • NetApp SANtricity OS 11.60.1
  • NetApp SANtricity OS 11.60.1R1
  • NetApp SANtricity OS 11.60.2


The array reporting the following alerts and events:

  • AutoSupport critical alert for Nominal temperature exceeded
  • Recovery Guru alert for NOMINAL_TEMP_EXCEEDED

Failure Entry 1: NOMINAL_TEMP_EXCEEDED-Recovery Failure Type Code: 7
Storage array: array1
Component reporting problem: Thermal sensor
Status: Nominal temperature exceeded

  • Critical Major Event Log events with Event type: 281B 

Date/Time:  2020-02-20 17:14:38
Sequence number: 2416
Event type: 281B
Event category: Failure
Priority: Critical
Description: Nominal temperature exceeded
Sense Key/ASC/ASCQ: No Additional Sense Information. The controller has no
      sense data available for the requesting host and addressed logical unit
Component type: Temperature Sensor
Component location: Shelf 10
Logged by: Controller in bay A
Tray location (in Hex):a

  • Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) temperature alerts for Upper Non-critical going high

 40e | 02/19/2020 | 23:12:05 | System Event #0xff | Timestamp Clock Sync | Asserted
 40f | 02/19/2020 | 23:12:06 | System Event #0xff | Timestamp Clock Sync | Asserted
 410 | 02/20/2020 | 17:11:58 | Temperature #0x1d | Upper Non-critical going high
 411 | 02/20/2020 | 17:12:00 | Temperature #0x1d | Upper Non-critical going high


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