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E-Series direct attached 12 Gb SAS performance degradation and long initialization

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • E2824
  • TOSHIBA (Type: AL15SEB120N Firmware MS00)


  1. Initial setup of RAID 6 Volume Group of 6 HDD takes 10 Hours other disk type takes 3 hours
  2. Initial performance testing of the volume group does not meet sequential write performance expectations
  3. Errors in major event log during volume group creation and Host multipath errors disabling write cache


Host multipath driver configuration error detected - Host abc <--CRITICAL
Cache database mismatch has been detected - Shelf 99, Bay B
$ fio --name=test --filesize=10G --directory=/mnt/fio --bs=2M --nrfiles=1 --direct=1 --sync=0 --randrepeat=0 --rw=read --refill_buffers --end_fsync=1 --iodepth=1 --ioengine=sync --runtime=30s --numjobs=4
READ: bw=873MiB/s (916MB/s), 210MiB/s-243MiB/s (220MB/s-255MB/s), io=25.6GiB (27.5GB), run=30001-30007msec

Sequential READ/WRITE 50/50 (2MiB blocks) test with 4 processes:
$ fio --name=test --filesize=10G --directory=/mnt/fio --bs=2M --nrfiles=1 --direct=1 --sync=0 --randrepeat=0 --rw=rw --refill_buffers --end_fsync=1 --iodepth=1 --ioengine=sync --runtime=30s --numjobs=4
READ: bw=285MiB/s (299MB/s), 67.5MiB/s-73.1MiB/s (70.8MB/s-76.6MB/s), io=8562MiB (8978MB), run=30021-30038msec
WRITE: bw=280MiB/s (293MB/s), 68.4MiB/s-73.8MiB/s (71.7MB/s-77.4MB/s), io=8402MiB (8810MB), run=30021-30038msec

Sequential WRITE (2MiB blocks) test with 4 processes
$ fio --name=test --filesize=10G --directory=/mnt/fio --bs=2M --nrfiles=1 --direct=1 --sync=0 --randrepeat=0 --rw=write --refill_buffers --end_fsync=1 --iodepth=1 --ioengine=sync --runtime=30s --numjobs=4
WRITE: bw=215MiB/s (226MB/s), 49.3MiB/s-65.7MiB/s (51.7MB/s-68.9MB/s), io=6468MiB (6782MB), run=30005-30073msec



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