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Which API calls will not work during an Element software upgrade?

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NetApp Element software


This list contains all API calls you cannot make during an Element software upgrade. 

Note that the API's below with the * are APIs that allow the forceDuringUpgrade override by NetApp Support. All others are disabled while the upgrade is in progress.

Warning: Caution should be taken when running APIs while a cluster is in 'Upgrade Mode'. If any of these APIs should be run while upgrading, please contact NetApp Technical Support and reference this article for further assistance.
  • AddNodes*
  • RemoveNodes*
  • AddDrives*
  • RemoveDrives*
  • CreateInitiators*
  • DeleteInitiators*
  • ModifyInitiators*
  • CreateVolumeAccessGroup*
  • ModifyVolumeAccessGroup*
  • ModifyVolumeAccessGroupLunAssignments*
  • AddInitiatorsToVolumeAccessGroup*
  • RemoveInitiatorsFromVolumeAccessGroup*
  • AddVolumesToVolumeAccessGroup*
  • RemoveVolumesFromVolumeAccessGroup*
  • DeleteVolumeAccessGroup*
  • SecureEraseDrives
  • EnableEncryptionAtRest
  • DisableEncryptionAtRest
  • AddVirtualNetwork
  • RemoveVirtualNetwork
  • ModifyVirtualNetwork
  • EnableFeature
  • SetSSLCertificate
  • RemoveSSLCertificate
  • SetClusterStructure
  • CheckProposedNodeAdditions
  • SetSupplementalTlsCiphers
  • ResetSupplementalTlsCiphers

*APIs that can be performed with forceDuringUpgrade option.


  • Beginning with Element software 11.7 and later, API restrictions will be lifted for iSCSI-only clusters during upgrades
  • API restrictions will continue to apply to any cluster containing Fibre Channel (FC) nodes, regardless of the Element software version

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