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Can NFS be implemented on the HCC?

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Applies to

  • NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control (HCC)
  • NetApp HCI
  • NetApp Element software


No, you cannot implement NFS on the HCC directly

Additional Information

There must be something in between in order to allow NAS on SolidFire

You can use any of the following three:

  1. NetApp FlexGroup: A scalable NAS solution that allows you to aggregate SolidFire volumes into a single namespace. By using FlexGroup you can present a unified NAS interface to your clients while leveraging the underlying SolidFire block storage
  2. Third Party NAS Gateway: You can integrate SolidFire with a third party NAS gateway or file server that supports NFS or SMB protocol. The NAS gateway acts as a intermediary between the clients and the SolidFire storage, translating file-level requests into block-level operations
  3. NetApp ONTAP: If you have NetApp ONTAP storage systems in your environment you can leverage the capabilities of ONTAP to provide NAS services. SolidFire can be integrated with ONTAP using technologies like FlexArray or SnapMirror to extend NAS functionality to your SolidFire storage.
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