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ATTO 7500N/7600N FibreBridge will not boot with Critical Software Error Detected by duplicate IP Address

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Applies to

  • ATTO 7500N FibreBridge
  • ATTO 7600N FibreBridge
  • Unsecured FibreBridge(s)


ATTO 7600N/7500N FibreBridge would not boot after firmware upgrade.  After booting we found that there was a duplicate IP Address.

          00DAAA 12:50:49 10/29/20 CRIT Address fe80::210:86ff:fead:affe%1 for MP1 already in use



00DAA7 12:50:44 10/29/20 WARN Ethernet Link Reset on MP1 due to excessive traffic
00DAA8 12:50:44 10/29/20 INFO Ethernet Link Down on MP1
00DAA9 12:50:48 10/29/20 INFO Ethernet Link Up on MP1
00DAAA 12:50:49 10/29/20 CRIT Address fe80::210:86ff:fead:affe%1 for MP1 already in use
00DAAB 12:50:49 10/29/20 CRIT Software Interrupt Exception Detected (SWI) (007A)
00DAAC 12:50:49 10/29/20 CRIT Instr Address    = 001cf37c
00DAAD 12:50:49 10/29/20 CRIT SWI Number       = 0x000000
00DAAE 12:50:49 10/29/20 INFO Software Interrupt
00DAAF 12:50:49 10/29/20 INFO 10/29/2020 12:50:49
00DAB0 12:50:49 10/29/20 INFO ST[3e9d8000-3e9d9000] | FP[3e9d8b14] CPSR[60000193]
00DAB1 12:50:49 10/29/20 INFO 00141570<-0025a440 | SP[3e9d8b18] FP[3e9d8b74]
00DAB2 12:50:49 10/29/20 INFO 0025a374<-00000580 | SP[3e9d8b78] FP[3e9d8bbc]
00DAB3 12:50:49 10/29/20 INFO 001cea38<-0036caac | SP[3e9d8bc0] FP[3e9d8d2c]
00DAB4 12:50:49 10/29/20 INFO 0036c9b8<-003a92f0 | SP[3e9d8d30] FP[3e9d8e2c]
00DAB5 12:50:49 10/29/20 INFO 003a8c0c<-0037f054 | SP[3e9d8e30] FP[3e9d8e5c]
00DAB6 12:50:49 10/29/20 INFO 0037f004<-0037fb38 | SP[3e9d8e60] FP[3e9d8e6c]
00DAB7 12:50:49 10/29/20 INFO 0037fac8<-003607dc | SP[3e9d8e70] FP[3e9d8fac]
00DAB8 12:50:49 10/29/20 INFO 003606b8<-003615dc | SP[3e9d8fb0] FP[3e9d8ffc]
00DAB9 12:50:49 10/29/20 INFO 00360cf0<-003debe0 | SP[3e9d9000] FP[3e9d9000]
00DABA 12:50:49 10/29/20 INFO Exception occurred. Possible redundant preceding log entries
00DABB 00:00:05 01/01/00 INFO Reset.  HW Code: Software Warm
00DABC 00:00:05 01/01/00 INFO Reset.  Reason: Critical Software Error Detected
00DABD 12:52:28 10/29/20 SYS  System date has changed. Current date:[10/29/2020]
00DABE 12:52:28 10/29/20 INFO Boot/reset occurred (007A)
00DABF 12:52:28 10/29/20 INFO Checkpoint 43 B:0 S0:0:0 S1:0:0 D0:0 C:0 O:0 I:



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