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What Fpolicy Notification is sent when a folder is moved via Windows client

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  • ONTAP 9


When a folder is moved , Fpolicy screen request "SMB_REN_DIR" is sent to FPOLICY server as a notification
In Lab:
  • Folder "folder1" is present in share \\cifsvol\test : (Folder path : - "\\cifsvol\test\folder1")
  • It is moved to folder path "\\cifsvol\test2 : (New Folder path : - "\\cifsvol\test2\folder1")
Fpolicy Notification
Fpolicy logs shows: ( With debug logging enabled )

[kern_fpolicy:debug:6292] _tcpSendFSMXmlReq returned got [<?xml version="1.0"?><Header><NotfType>SCREEN_REQ</NotfType><ContentLen>1134</ContentLen><DataFormat>XML</DataFormat></Header>  <?xml version="1.0"?><FscreenReq><ReqId>518</ReqId><ReqType>SMB_REN_DIR</ReqType><NotfInfo><SmbRenReq><CommonInfo><ProtCommonInfo><ClientIp></ClientIp><UsrIdType>MAPPED_ID</UsrIdType><UsrContext><MappedId><Uid>0</Uid><WinSid>S-1-5-21-4227258846-2863433890-2438189577-500</WinSid></MappedId></UsrContext><FileOwner><WinSid>S-1-5-32-544</WinSid></FileOwner><AccessPath><Path><PathNameType>WIN_NAME</PathNameType><PathName>\test\folder1</PathName></Path><Path><PathNameType>UNIX_NAME</PathNameType><PathName>/test/folder1</PathName></Path></AccessPath><VolMsid>2154003189</VolMsid><FileSize>4096</FileSize><NumHardLnk>2</NumHardLnk><IsOfflineAttr>0</IsOfflineAttr><FileType>DIR</FileType><IsSparse>0</IsSparse><IsDense>0</IsDense></ProtCommonInfo><DisplayPath>\\98_SVM1\cifsvol\test\folder1</DisplayPath><ProtVer><MajorNum>3</MajorNum><MinorNum>0</MinorNum></ProtVer></CommonInfo><TargetAccessPath><Path><PathNameType>WIN_NAME</PathNameType><PathName>\test2\folder1</PathName></Path><Path><PathNameType>UNIX_NAME</PathNameType><PathName>/test2/folder1</PathName></Path></TargetAccessPath></SmbRenReq></NotfInfo></FscreenReq>] message of length 1263 for FPolicy server [0x0x805aa5100] src/fsm/
Packet traces will show : ( Taken on ONTAP end )
  • Since there is no SMB2 Move request in SMB2 command set, SMB2 Client uses SetInfo call for the move operation
  • Folder Move is done via Rename call where the old path (\test\folder1) is renamed to new path (\test2\folder1)
  • Fpolicy screen request is sent for "SMB_REN_DIR"

Additional Information

  • Note :
    • If a file was moved instead of a folder then Fpolicy screen request is sent with SMB_REN 
    • File "Cmode_domain_login.pcapng" was moved from \\cifsvol to \\cifsvol\test2

Fpolicy Notification

Fpolicy Notification

  • Enabling Fpolicy Debug :

CDOT::> set diag
Warning: These diagnostic commands are for use by NetApp personnel only.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y


These diagnostic commands are for use by NetApp personnel only.

Exit diag mode ( use command "set admin" ) once the below debugging is enabled

CDOT::*> fpolicy log show -node * -module fpolicy::fsm

Node             Module                                   Level
---------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------
                 fpolicy::fsm                             info
                 fpolicy::fsm                             info
2 entries were displayed.

CDOT::vserver fpolicy*> fpolicy log modify -node * -module fpolicy::fsm -level debug
2 entries were modified.

CDOT::vserver fpolicy*> fpolicy log show -node * -module fpolicy::fsm
Node             Module                                   Level
---------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------
                 fpolicy::fsm                             debug
                 fpolicy::fsm                             debug
2 entries were displayed.

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