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MGWD panics and restarts on a regular basis; cluster node may panic regularly

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Applies to

  • ONTAP versions prior to 9.3P13
  • SNMPv3 monitoring


MGWD reports a crash and restart in the log file. A core file for MGWD is also generated.

Mon Jan 21 17:00:25 CST [node1: mgwd: kern.vm.mmap.return:notice]: mmap(2) by mgwd (pid 90982) for size 2097152 failed: VMEM limit exceeded, limit 4294967296, error 12.
Mon Jan 21 17:00:25 CST [node1: mgwd: ucore.panicString:error]: 'mgwd: Received SIGABRT (Signal 6) at RIP 0x81ab66bba (pid 90982, uid 0, timestamp 1548111625).'
Mon Jan 21 17:00:50 CST [node 1: spmd: spm.mgwd.process.exit:EMERGENCY]: Management Gateway (mgwd) subsystem with ID 90982 exited as a result of signal signal 6. The subsystem will attempt to restart.

Mon Jan 21 17:01:19 CST [node 1: rastrace_dump: rastrace.dump.saved:debug]: A RAS trace dump for module EVMGR instance 0 was stored in /etc/log/rastrace/EVMGR_0_20190121_17:01:19:946051.dmp.

Mon Jan 21 17:01:50 CST [node 1: coredump_manager: ems.engine.suppressed:debug]: Event 'coredump.findcore.nocore' suppressed 1 times in last 146504 seconds.
Mon Jan 21 17:01:50 CST [node 1: coredump_manager: coredump.findcore.nocore:debug]: No unsaved cores could be found

The node may also panic and generate a core dump.


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