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Group quota cannot be retrieved by NFS on ONTAP Server, from a Linux system

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ONTAP 9 versions 9.12.1 and prior


  • Version 2 of the rquota (remote quota) protocol was implemented in Linux as an extension to the rquota version 1 protocol as originally designed by Sun. 
  • One of the functions in version 2 of the quota protocol is the ability to request the group quotas on a remote NFS device, in addition to tree quotas. 
  • The ONTAP server only implements version 1 of the rquota and not version 2.  
  • This means that the group, or tree quota cannot be remotely checked using the NFS protocol When the 'quota -g' command is issued on a Linux system for a remote NFS device on the ONTAP server, then it will not return any output and/or an error message.

[root@Pim-rhel70 ~]# quota -g -f /mnt/svm1_vol1
quota: error while getting quota from svm1:/svm1_vol1 for root (id 0): Connection refused
[root@Pim-rhel70 ~]#
[root@Pim-rhel70 ~]# quota --group -f /mnt/svm1_vol1

quota: error while getting quota from svm1:/svm1_vol1 for root (id 0): Connection refused


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