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Can the volume language be changed after creation in ONTAP?

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Applies to

ONTAP 9.7P1 and later


Introduced in ONTAP 9.7P1, the volume language can be changed from *.UTF-8 to utf8mb4. This is only possible if the current volume language matches *.UTF-8 (such as en_US.UTF-8 or C.UTF-8) and if the new volume language is utf8mb4.

Changing the volume language to utf8mb4 provides support for 4-byte, UTF-8 encoded names, and can allow creation and display of names that include Unicode supplementary characters.

  • This is non-disruptive as no on-disk conversion takes place.
  • Alternatively, create a new utf8mb4 volume and migrate the data over using a file-based copy
  • Modifying language of snapmirror (regular and sync snapmirror) source and destination volumes is not allowed
  • The command has some possibly problematic outcomes that require discussion with Support

Please contact NetApp Technical Support or log into the NetApp Support Site to create a case. Reference this article for assistance with the solution. 

  • The solution requires Diagnostic-level recovery. 
  • The use of Diagnostic commands and recovery steps is potentially disruptive and should only be used with guidance from NetApp Support. 

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