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What is the meaning or function of newly added options on ONTAP 9.12?

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ONTAP 9.12


  1. raid.h.mute.timeout Mute the periodic shutdown(halt) but retain the warning message.


  • With the ONTAP 9.12.1 code change via Bug ID 944990 - System no longer halts if a RAID aggregate remains degraded for 24 hours, the default system behavior is changed not to halt if an aggregate is completely degraded.
  • If you wish to preserve the previous behavior, it is required to set raid.timeout option to a nonzero value deliberately for the system to shut down on the expiry of the timeout period.
    • Along with the option value of raid.timeout modification, the default option value of raid.h.mute.timeout will be changed from 0 to 1 
    • raid.h.mute.timeout is a hidden option that usually can only  be viewed by run -node <node name> -command "priv set diag;rdfile /etc/registry" command.
  1. sfu.psm.quiet.period Adjust the quiet time when the IOM firmware of the disk shelf is updated. Refer to BUG 1409547 for the used sample.
  2. sis.ads_optimal_clog_size_in_mb Modify change log threshold value in MBs.
  3. sis.auto_block_share_workers Options for interworking with the ADS function. NOTE: ADS -Automatic Dedupe Scheduling. - Volumes are configured with auto policy by default and the system automatically schedules these volumes for background dedupe processing.
  4. sis.cvbd_share_refcounted_recpt_vvbns Option about Cross Volume background Dedupe (Allow cross vol sharing on vvbn refcounted recipients for cross volume)
  5. sis.dense_data_limit Limit the clone operation.
  6. sis.override_default_cmpr_algo_with_lzopro Controlled by the command below. DO NOT use options to configure the value.

::> set d
::*> volume efficiency modify ?
  [ -compression-algorithm {lzopro|gzip|lzrw1a|zstd} ]  *Compression Algorithm

  1. sis.savings_percent_to_deprioritize
  • Change the prioritization of the system.
  • If this option is set to 0, the volume will not get deprioritized due to savings issue: ::> run -node * -c options sis.savings_percent_to_deprioritize 0 
  • Reference KB: Storage efficiency deprioritized on a volume
  1. wafl.sis_clone.max_unsplit_blks
  • Adjust clone backpressure limit by 4KB-unit
  • Controlled by advanced privilege level command volume file clone split load modify -max-split-load
  • Reference document volume file clone split load modify
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