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Mistakenly attempted upgrading to the already effective version

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • ONTAP Upgrade


  • Mistakenly attempted upgrading to the version that is already running on the cluster

cluster1::> cluster image show-update-progress

                                             Estimated         Elapsed
Update Phase         Status                   Duration        Duration
-------------------- ----------------- --------------- ---------------
Pre-update checks    completed                00:10:00        00:00:30


Pre-update Check     Status            Error-Action
-------------------- ----------------- --------------------------------------
Manual checks        Warning           Warning: Manual validation checks
                                       need to be performed. Refer to the
                                       Upgrade Advisor Plan or the "What
                                       should I verify before I upgrade with
                                       or without Upgrade Advisor" section
                                       in the "Upgrade ONTAP" documentation
                                       for the remaining validation checks
                                       that need to be performed before
                                       update. Failing to do so can result
                                       in an update failure or an I/O
                                       Action: Refer to the Upgrade Advisor
                                       Plan or the "What should I verify
                                       before I upgrade with or without
                                       Upgrade Advisor" section in the
                                       "Upgrade ONTAP" documentation for the
                                       remaining validation checks that need
                                       to be performed before update.
Name Service         Warning           Warning: The following DNS servers
Configuration DNS                      are not reachable:
Check                                  (Vserver: svm1). There might be other
                                       Vservers for which DNS servers are
                                       not reachable.
                                       Action: Delete the DNS server, or
                                       verify that the DNS status is "up".
                                       To verify the status, use the
                                       "vserver services name-service dns
                                       check" command. Delete the DNS
                                       configuration for the Vservers which
                                       do not have "dns" listed as a
                                       configured source in the output of
                                       the "vserver services name-service
                                       ns-switch show" command.
2 entries were displayed.


  • Unable to abort, as the abort commands do not fail but do not correct the issue either:

cluster1::*> cluster image abort-update
Warning: Aborting an update should only be done when an update cannot be completed or canceled. This operation might result in a mixed-version cluster or mixed-version HA pair. Continue? {y|n}: y
Info: Update has been aborted.



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